The company financially supports the community in various ways. As part of its marketing and advertising campaign, the company contributed over $50,000 to youth organizations over the past several years. The company was a major supported of the Tulare Community Auditorium restoration project. The company is also a Circles of Excellence member of the Tulare Chamber of Commerce.

The company’s management has/is actively serving on boards of various organizations including:

  • Tulare Chamber of Commerce
  • Tulare Redevelopment Agency
  • Tulare Downtown Association
  • Tulare Youth Center Project
  • International Agri-Center
  • Kiwanis
  • Salvation Army
  • Tulare Library Foundation
  • Greater Tulare Chamber Trust
  • Tulare Boy’s & Girl’s Club Advisory Committee

The company’s management is the cognizant of the their communities in which they work. Sponsorship of youth athletics (soccer, baseball, softball, racing, etc.) in addition to coaching plays an important part of their daily lives as the owners. In addition, management also provides education programs in the community’s elementary classrooms to educate youth about insects.

The company especially focuses on the support of the local Salvation Army by hosting an annual Christmas luncheon each year. This even became the Community Christmas Party.

Res Com covers all the costs for the event and all proceeds directly benefit the Tulare Salvation Army. Since the event’s inception, Res Com has raised more than $750,000 for the organization.

Community Recognition

Tony Taylor and Res Com Pest Control have both been recognized by the community. Tony was recognized as Tulare’s Man of the Year
in 2002. In addition, Tony is the President of the Tulare Library Foundation, and Res Com has recieved the Large Business of the Year award from the Tulare Chamber of Commerce and Business Person of the Year in 2001 and was inducted into Tulare County’s EDC Entrepreneur Hall of Fame in 2007.